Video of The Day: How To Pin Curl


I would not recommend this on curly hair. I recommend blowing hair straight, then running a warm flat iron through it...then pincurl. Luscious! Hmmm...I might try this next time I get the urge to straighten my hair.

2 Responses:

I actually tried this awhile ago- I blowdried my hair, flat ironed it, curled it w/ the curling iron and then pin curled it... even sprayed it w/ a holding spray. As soon as I left the house my hair fell FLAT!!

LOL! I have had similar experiences when I tried a curly style like this-on the first try. Oddly enough, it will work after repeated tries and once your hair becomes used to the style. I wrote post a few months ago about the hair's memory. I'm not crazy! LOL. But the hair does have a memory system. So the more you style your hair in a particular the more it will become used to that style. So, it may take a few tries for it to work.

The reason I know this is true...The first time I tried a similar curl method on the flexi-rods, my hair fell after a few minutes. But after a few consecutive trials, it started to last and I was very happy with the results.

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