Co-Washing 101 (Repost)

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Co-Washing is the method of using conditioner and water to cleanse the hair. It is also known as the "No Poo" wash. Many natural curlies swear by this method to avoid stripping natural moisture from the hair. It is a tried and proven method! I find that when I co-wash I have less shedding and my hair is easier to detangle. Best of all, it's a very simple process.

Step one: Thoroughly wet hair with lukewarm water

Step two: Pour conditioner into your hair and gently work through your hair section by section. I usually finger comb my hair during this time

Step three: Leave on 3-5 minutes.

Step four: Rinse!

Step five: Squeeze excess water from hair using your hands or paper towels

I will fill you in on Pre-Poo (ing) later :)
4 Responses:

Yes!! Pretty please fill us in on the "Pre-Poo", b/c I don't have a clear understanding of what it really is or how to do it.

I will post about the pre-poo tonight. Please bare with me, I've been sluggish this week...Vacationing.

I use this method, I'm having some issues with build up and of course I keep forgetting to do a baking soda & acv rinse so what do I expect LOL will be sure to do this next time.

Oh and I did do a lemon rinse on my daughter and that worked pretty good but more likely to keep ACV/Vinegar around than lemons.

Anyway concerning the process, I love the results my hair is braided so I primarily judge by my daughter's hair and it comes out really soft, I don't have to comb it at all if I don't want to and her curl definition is more defined.

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