The Coldest Winter Ever Sequal

This is bigger than Sex And The City!
Y'all not ready for Winter, again! I'm too ashamed to say this, but this may be the only novel that I have ever read non-stop. I don't think I put it down until I finished it. Don't laugh, you know you did too. LOL! It's scheduled to hit shelves in October 2008. [Source]
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OOOO so looking forward to this!! Wonder what happened with the movie tho for this one?

oh my gosh are you serious! i can't wait!!!! I've read it like...3 time. And lent it to about 5 people who all ready it in a matter of days. I remember back in the day hearing rumblings that this would be made into a movie - either that Jada Pinkett Smith had bought the rights or would star in it - but haven't heard about that in a while.

ive been stalking sistah souljahs page since forever tryna find dis out thank you ive been waiting since 4 eva 4 this 2 come out

I so agree, this is bigger than sex and the city...

You are so right..I've read many books but this one has always been in my top 5..I can't wait

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I can't wait I can't wait!!! I'm embarrassed to say that I actually read this book TWICE.... lol

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