Do You Pre-Poo?

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From time to time, I get questions about terms such as Pre-Proo, Evoo, No-Poo, Co-Wash, etc. I must admit, all of these terms can be overwhelming and down right discouraging, so I am going to try to simplify these methods over the next few posts.

What is Pre-Pooing?
In a nutshell, pre-pooing is short for pre-shampoo. It is a conditioning treatment that is applied to the hair and scalp before the shampoo process. You can mix your own pre-poo treament or purchase it ready-made.

Why Pre-Poo?
Pre-Pooing has many benefits, but perhaps the most important benefit is that it protects the hair from the harsh elements in shampoo by providing a barrier between the hair and the shampoo. Pre-pooing will leave hair stronger and soft to the touch. It is good option for any texture, but great for dry, damaged and over-processed hair.

How often?

How to Pre-Poo?
There are many ways to pre-poo but based on the information that I researched, the most popular way is to use a combination of oil and conditioner or moisturizer, then sit under the dryer for 45 minutes to a hour. Rinse, Shampoo, Condition and style as usual.

Pre-Poo Recipes:
There is no limit to the different concoctions you can use to Pre-Poo, but I have listed some of the most common.

Avocado Oils
Hot Oil Treatments
(or just about any oil)

Moisturizers, Conditioners, etc.
Shea Butter

As I stated, there are hundreds of combinations out there, but the above will get you started. Note: If you're not a mixologist, go for a pre-made pre-poo (lol) like Burt Bees Avocado Butter Pre Shampoo Hair Treatment $10 or JF Lazartigue - Pre-Shampoo Cream w/Shea Butter For Dry Hair $51.
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