Ever Get Asked A Dumb Question


I can totally relate to this sista's frustration. Sometimes, people can make some of the most insensitive statements or ask the silliest questions. I don't think most of them mean any harm, but sometimes it just makes you want to break out screaming like Soulja Boy "Yah Yah Yahhhhh" LOL!
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That is something that truly bothers me, I try not to let it because the reality is if you've been perming your hair most of your life than it is abnormal to you when someone wears their hair natural and I'm sure I had the same attitude before going natural.

However the thing that bothers me is how detached one is from the fact that they're altering their hair texture that it would prompt the question of why would you do such a thing basically.

And I'm with sis I'm not a non-straight person, probably will be my next style actually:) I am non-perm but due to what I know about it now oppose to someone opting to wear their hair straight. But I do hope that regardless of what we choose to do with our hair we will become educated concerning who we truly are and I believe the plethora of laides (and men even) chosing to sport their hair naturally will have an impact on how others who chose not to view this.

Sorryf or the rant:)

And on a sidebar, I'm amazed I hear this sort of thing because I have yet to encounter it.

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