How Do You Finger Comb?

The other day I made the drastic mistake of going to sleep on wet, tangled hair. Don't ask me what I was thinking, because my answer is-I WAS NOT THINKING. The next morning I had a head full of knots, tangles, and maybe a dread or two. It was pitiful! So since I am on a "no brush" spree (actually threw my brush out) I decided to finger comb my hair in the shower. Now, although finger combing is nothing new to me, it was how I did it that made the difference.

After co-washing my hair, I separated it into two sections. After that, I finger combed while my hair was directly under the force of the water. This eased the stress on the hair because the water helped to coax the hair in a downward direction, making it easier to untangle.

Traditionally, I always finger combed while my hair is wet. This works well also, but I find that I have less shedding when the hair is directly under the water. Note: I never recommend finger-combing dry hair to detangle.

I may be late with this method, but if you haven't tried finger combing the hair with direct force of water applied to the hair. Please try it!
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I'll have to try this.

This is right on time for me... Thanks for posting!

Finger comber checking in, I love my Denmen d3, but for wet or dry hair, finger combing is a great way to reduce shedding.

when i'm in the shower, i ALWAYS finger comb whether I'm shampooing or just using conditioner...

it helps your curls to stay together and not create any artificial separations like a regular comb might.

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