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Over the the past weekend, I did something that I rarely do...I straightened my hair. No not permanently, only to try my new hairdryer, the H2PRO Nano Salon Pro 2000 Hair Dryer. I got the dryer from a great site called that sells in all the top brand flat irons and blowdryers- Chi, FHI, etc.. Absolutely love the site!

A superb blowdryer and an awesome flat iron are two essential items that are must haves in a curly girl's collection. For years, I have struggled with finding both, partly because I tried to skim on the price (buying less expensive alternatives) and also because choosing a good one can be overwhelming. So for a while I've searched the around, visiting stores like Ulta, and even asked a few stylists for recommendations. All of which still left me unfulfilled. So when I visited the Misikko site, I was really impressed with the Beauty Tips page that is armed with information on How to choose the best dryer or Choosing the best flat iron.

But back to my Nano Dryer, OMG-I know I sound like an infomercial but I am absolute blowout heaven. Right now, the best advice anyone can give me is to "step away from the dryer" LOL! If not, I am going to blow all of my hair out because I can't get enough of the dryer.

I am not a proponent for breaking the bank, but ladies if you want a professional looking blowout with minimal damage to your hair-you have to invest in a great ceramic dryer. I can't emphasize this enough. I have tried the cheap $20 dryers, the mid-priced $50 dryers, all of which left my hair half straightened and/or brittle. The moment I put the Nano on my hair I started singing because I could immediately tell the difference. My hair was almost bone straight with one stroke and I literally had no breakage what so ever. Best of all, my hair was so straight from using the dryer I had no need flat iron it.

I has been a few days now and my hair has survived rain and sleeping without a scarf (I fell asleep by mistake). My hair is still amazing straight!

My next splurge is going to be a FHI flat iron. I have heard many great things about it, both Sam Fine and Ursula Stephens recommends this flat iron. I am very girly, so I like the pink FHI Flat Iron that is featured on Misikko. When I break down and buy it I will let you know all about it.
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I agree a good dryer makes all the difference. This is the secret behind the Dominican blowout. The key to avoiding breakage is to only use every other week or so. If used too much it will cause the hair to break. I have a CHI and I looooooove it.

I've got a question: I have naturally curly hair and usually in the winter I'll wear it straight. Although sometimes I try to wear it straight during the summer, but thats next to impossible due to the humidity. My question is can anyone suggest something, ANYthing (outside of a perm!) that will keep my hair straight on the humidest of humid days??

Thanks for posting... I am looking to replace my CHI and will check this out!

I'm going to have to look into this dryer...does it come with come attachments?

Yep, it comes with a diffuser and nozzle attachment.

i have to get this..i've been looking for a good blowdryer/flat iron combo

this blower dryer looks great, I could do with an upgrade right about now...thanks for the links

I really like your site and thank you for sharing all of your great info and tips!

When I happen to be living in the U.S I get my hair done every two weeks by a fabulous hair stylist in D.C. however, I am at a lost when I'm living abroad. I have decided to return to Korea and Japan next month (6months Korea, 6 months Japan) and will definitely pack this hairdryer in my carry on luggage! I hate doing my own hair but if you say that this dryer is THAT good, I'll try it.

Hey! Would you do a video of how you, yourself create your great blowout? Just a thought.



Unfortunately, due to time restraints I have not journeyed into taking photos and making tutorial videos. This is something that's in the works. But thanks to everyone for the suggestions-I keep them in mind. However until then I will continue to find great tutorial videos and pictures.

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