Meet Jennel Renea

Jennel Renea, model, make-up artist, jump rope instructor, spiritualist -you name it and I bet she has it on her list of accomplishments. It is not often that you come across someone with so much zest for life. Couple that with both inner and outer beauty and you have Jennel. It was a pleasure working with her to get this interview wrapped up as she was very as gracious as we went back and forth, then I got sick...then went on vacation. But that’s just one mention of her kind spirit.

I asked Jennel a few questions about herself and her uber fabulous hair.

UC: What inspired you to start modeling?
JR: I have always been fascinated by the different types of looks a single person can achieve and I love being in front of the camera. I was born on television so I guess you can say it is my destiny.

UC: How long have you been natural?
JR: I've been natural for 8 years now. I went through that straight hair permed out look, but I find that curly hair definitely compliments me more. The times that I have had it straightened for a show has gotten me into some trouble with my friends. Everyone seems insistent on telling me their opinion of what look is best for me, and they always say curly hair. It’s my trade mark!

UC: I was immediately drawn to your hair cut, do you cut your own hair or does a stylist cut it?
JR: I go to the stylist only for a cut. If you get you hair cut with a slight layer at the ends, the curls fall just right.

UC: For many, being curly is fear because mainstream media tells us straight hair is beautiful and right. How would you describe your modeling experience as a woman with natural hair? Do you think that it is a challenge or has it worked to your advantage?
JR: I think curly hair has been good to me when it comes to modeling. When a client looks for the most ethnic looking women. They're most likely looking for a black woman with a fro. Overall, it depends on what look they’re going for. My curls definitely lean me more toward a commercial look, rather then editorial.

UC: What is your hair routine?
JR: I wash and deep condition my hair every two weeks. I love big hair so most of the time I will blow dry it out (only once within a 2-3 week period). Then I put a small amount of Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue, topped with a really good moisturizer and twist it into medium sized sections. Then I straw curl the ends. Using two twists per straw (cut straw in three sections). I know this may sound crazy, but it comes out looking big and fabulous.

My most important secret to rapid hair growth is Roots Nutrition's Power Food. It has lots of Sperilina and other herbs that help your hair grow in full and thick. It also gives you a healthy scalp (for those who wear weaves from time to time). I need this because I never know what a stylist will do to my hair on set. This drink is packed with all the nutrients you need for healthy hair nails and skin. (You can find this at Also, my pores appear smaller and my skin has cleared up tremendously.
UC: So tell me what's next for Jennel?
JR: I will continue modeling. I’m always looking for new experiences. I want to start acting now, mainly in commercials and films. My life goals are to open a non-profit organization for women with special needs. I’m also going to be opening a health and wellness spa that incorporates make up artistry.

UC: What tips or advice do you have for maintaining fabulous curly hair?
JR: Use as little heat as possible on your hair. Find your favorite moisturizer and use it on your ends daily, especially if you’re in the sun as much as I am in California. Always wear a silk cap or scarf in the bed. Its not hot but your hair will thank you. Get your ends trimmed every 4-5 months. Oh and of course treat yourself to some Roots Nutrition Power Food.

Thanks Jennel, I'll have to try your twist method.

Visit Jennel's Myspace.
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Ordered my Roots Power Food TODAY! Even my trainer endorses it.

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