Miss Jessie's In Store Event

Titi of Miss Jessie's demonstrating how to use the various Miss Jessie's products. Pretty good video...I wish it had more detail. Hopefully, they will do more.

By now all of the Miss Jessie's winners should have received their Miss Jessie's Value Packs. I thank everyone for participating in the Miss Jessie's contest. Please stay tuned because I have another great contest coming in June!

For those of who don't know about Miss Jessie's, please check out the site and get with it because the products are definitely worth it. UC favorites are the Curly Meringue and Curly Buttercreme.

Side note: Value Pack winners, please tell us which products you enjoy the most.

3 Responses:

I like the babybuttercreme and curly buttercreme. I have curly meringue but I havent experimented with it too much. but I will tho

First, thanks so much for the Ms. Jessie's products. I tried each product out with my mom (after all, I did win by writing her advice) to see the effect it had on different hair types. My hair is 4a/4b (s + z pattern, thick, dry) and my mom's is 3a /3b ('s' pattern and a bit dry )

Buttercreme: First impression- not a big fan of the original one because the peppermint scent is too strong for me. However, mom (and sis) both enjoyed the scent and I did notice that once applied to hair, the scent was not that strong. This product seemed to work pretty much the same on our different hair types. It's a great moisturizer without feeling greasy and defines the curl pattern ever so slightly. Though, as the day wore on the creme seemed to wear off in my hair. I have ended up using it to smooth my edges in the morning.

Curly Pudding: First impression - strong grapey scent turned me off as did the stickiness.
In my hair we used this before doing two-strand twists and it made for nice healthy-looking twists. Once I took the twists out I also had nice curly-ish hair. The curls were soft, not sticky,kind of bouncy, and lasted all day. I guess I would compare it to a setting lotion without the dryness that sometimes happens.
In my mom's hair where we noticed immediate results. Just sliding it through her hair the curls perked up and looked glossy and healthy and were super bouncy. She immediately fell in love and wants more.
I'd definitely recommend this for people with naturally curly hair. But if your hair is thicker or z patterned, you could probably get the same/similar results with setting + hair lotion.

That's all I've tried so far. I don't doubt that the deep conditioner is amazing given how soft and moisturized both of our hair feels with just these products.

Thanks again!

hi im one of the miss jessie's winners. I have yet to use the products because I have extensions in my hair which I'll probably have for the entire summer. But when I use them I'll let ya'll know the results.
I wish they would have shown the end results of those ladies' hair.

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