Wedding Hair

Yes ladies, it is that time of of year when wedding bells start to ring, and brides begin to worry about every little detail-flowers...dress...seating arrangements...HAIR!

This was one of my biggest challenges on my wedding day. I did not know what I was going to do to my hair until it was time for me to leave to go to the wedding. It was very frustrating! I remember wanting weave, braids...hell I even considered relaxing my hair. But in the end, I just let it go, embraced my hair and it turned out beautifully. I look back 6 years now and I am so happy that I decided to stay true to my curls. So don't be you can see wearing your natural texture can be beautiful.

I found most of these pictures on a great little site called VIBRIDE.COM. I don't know how many of my readers are from the Virgin Islands, but this site is a great source for planning a wedding there. For those who have never been, please go, it is a paradise.

So I have another challenge you ladies: The first 3 to people to correctly pick my picture out of the above collage will win a full sized Organix Conditioner.
15 Responses:

I'm guessing that it is the last picture in the first row going down. The picture of the beautiful lady posing with the bouquet close to her face. All beautiful pictures!

yes it is the third picture in the second row. it is absolutely beautiful.

I am also going to say you are in the last picture on the first row all the way at the bottom : )

All of these are such beautiful pictures. Hmmmm. Are you the middle picture in the first row going down?

The picture directly under the picture of the lady holding the Vibride sign.

3rd one...second row...i think

Your the middle picture in the 3rd row. The one to the right of the lady holding the sign.

The middle picture in the last row. The one to the right of the woman holding the sign.

Maybe the black and white picture/middle picture in the last row.

Third one, second posted it earlier

i beleive you are the third black and white picture in the second row straight across, since that picture looks like a diva!!!

I'm also gonna say 1st row, third pic down... but I could be wrong... lol

I guess you are on the second horizontal row, all the way to the right.

Also, I was born and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and was married there in 2001 (now living in Atlanta). Although it can be quite expensive to fly there from time to time... there are always deals available depending on the time of year.

UC to Landi,

I love the Virgin Islands. My dh is from St. Croix, so we visit every couple of years. The beach, the food, and the culture is second to none. A true paradise! Maybe one day we will retire there... Did you go to the Caribbean Parade last weekend in ATL? I was there and I saw so many natural sisters...I meant to take a few shots but it was just too darn hot. LOL

Yep... me, hubby, and the kids ventured down to the festivities last weekend. That's our one chance to get food from the restaurants at home that fly up for the weekend... We had a good time. Who knows.. maybe one of those natural sisters you saw was me. :)

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