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Pretty Girl

Yep, that's me some years ago on my wedding day in Maui. I was so afraid to wear my hair natural because I thought I was only going through a phase and did not want to look back and ask "what in the $%#@ was I thinking?" I literally did not know I was going to do with my hair until the very last minute. I had weave, a blowdryer/flat iron...all types of combobulations (I know that's not a word) as a backup. However, my inner voice kept telling me to rock the natural. So I just took a deep breath and said, OH WELL! I pulled my hair up to the crown of my head...and was done. It turned out beautifully and I can still look back 6 years now and still love everything about it.

I originally wanted to give 3 prizes away, but I had so much fun this that I decided
to give an Organix Shea Butter Conditioner to each one of you who correctly answered. Special thanks to everyone who participated. Ladies please email me with your info!

Stay Tuned...June's giveaway is Ooh, so haute!
3 Responses:

your picture is absoultely lovely -definitely a picture you can look back at and not cringe.

Stunning photo!
I hope I look like that on my wedding day..

OOPS!! I was SOOOO wrong!!! LOL

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