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I was out to dinner one night and I saw a fabulous natural urbanista with her hair blown out to a big afro similar to the picture above. I must admit, I was in awe because is was stunningly chic and out of the box. I was jealous too, LOL. I was sitting there like "dang why did I not ever think of trying that style' and two even if I had, I don't think my hair would stay put without shrinking into a little matted, frizzy cotton ball.

Now of course this is probably not the smartest hair style to don to the office, but it is an ultra cute style for a night on the town.

What do you think of a style like this? Do any of you ever wear your hair this way? If so, please share your tips for getting it to stay put without turning into a frizzy wispy, hot mess.
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There's something in me that just says this look is best on thin supermodels or something. I guess it gets so much attention I would want to look perfect if I was to wear it. Usually I only see hair like that on models and never just an everyday girl on the street. Its sort of super fancy. I don't know but you would have to be really confident to wear this. Ignorant people might make fun of someone with this style, unless they were incredibly gorgeous like a supermodel. Do you get what I mean? Its like you could be wearing the most gorgeous dress, but it won't work if your body is really out of shape. I think that this hairdo won't work if you don't have that beautiful goddess look. I guess I would just feel insecure to wear the style so I'm making excuses lol :)

I wore it like that a few times last summer and loved it, but haven't ventured that way this season as of yet. I think that because I'm still in the midst of trying out all these new products that it's kinda making me timid to trying my hair out in a fro... we'll see. What I do love and miss though is that people of "other persuasions" stare and don't realize that they are doing so. It's like a phenomenon to them... Like they're itching to say "Can I touch it?" LOL!!! Then my response is always - Nah Nah, you can't do this! LOL!!!! I'm kidding... but I'm serious.

i like to wear mine blown out. but not too blown out so that its straight, just enough so that its a big afro. then i like to wipe a lil bit of leave in conditioner and just dab it on the ends so that they curl a bit

bronze... you don't need the goddess look, you need the goddess attitude. I hear what you're saying, but us afro-chics need to step out with our heads high letting them know what it's all about. I am not goddess nor am I anorexic - I mean super thin... but I AM that every day girl who is a Mother of Three beautiful girls and trust me when I say, that's all I need to help me with bringing the goddess out! Work it Bronze! Work it! I wore my hair like that today and I loved it... and quite frankly didn't care who didn't.

Hi-I love your blog!

I wear my hair like that on occasion, but instead of blow-out, I pick it out. I can't do it too much because it's hard to detangle in the shower after I go fro, but I love it when I do. I feel so confident and sexy, and the attention is all positive.

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