Do You Love Big Hair?

Well, I do! This is probably the main reason why I went natural. I have not yet achieved my ultimate goal of "bigdom" but I am well on my way. Some of my big hair idols are Tracee Ellis Ross, Sherri Saum, and of course Beyonce. Speaking of which, I ran across the above photo while searching online-I had to do a double take because I thought this was Beyonce (only skinny). Nonetheless, the hair on this model is fab!

As for myself, I only wear my hair really big when I am going out and trust me-that's not often. But to achieve big hair, I use less product when setting my hair and I do a lot of finger styling. My big hair styles usually turn out best when my hair is 3-4 days old.
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YES! I agree... I've noticed that humidity also helps as well. It makes my curls "swell" and get extra poofy. My hair is usually at its "biggest" in the summer time.

Yep! I love big hair too and am still working on my perfect BIGDOM look... I just need to figure out how to master friz... :(

Yes I love the big, soft, fluffy hair. I need some place to wear it out like the model because its a little too eye-catching for school. Since I stopped relaxing and straightening my hair I love to touch and play with it. Before when it was all straight I just tied it back and wanted it out of the way. It was so limp and boring. Big and fluffy even feels better. I love shaking my hair around and the wind doesn't mess it up, it just makes it fluffier. With relaxed hair it just messes it up so it looks like straw.

I adore big, puffy, frizzy hair and that's my main reason for going natural, My TWA is starting to bore me :(...any suggestions urbancurlz?

Hate to sound slow, but what do you mean by setting? I'm trying to find new techniques and b.t.w can you recommend a good moisturizer?

I absolutely have been stalking your blog for a while now and I love it!!!

Take care :-)

To get my big hair, I usually roller set on flexible rollers with a little setting lotion. Then I wear it, letting it get bigger each day. It'll look good for about 3 days. Mayyyyyybe 4 depending on what I've been through that week.

I like to rub some of Aveda's Brilliant Retexturizing Creme through. Just a little.

I get a lot of compliments, but I'm still not sure about wearing it big in a professional (law) setting.

i have always loved big curly hair - the bigger the better i say :o)

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