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Ladies, E.L.F. Cosmetics is having a $1 sale on most of its items. That's right, lipgloss, lashes, powder, shadow and much more! Rumors are circulating that they are a Nordstroms subsidiary trying to get rid of everything with the E.L.F branding to convert to a Nordstroms brand-but I'm not sure that I believe that. Their website states that they are an independent company with no retail affiliation. Nonetheless, you can't beat $1. I just racked up on over 20 items for $20 including shipping. Use the code "Carolina" for more discounts. Hurry, I am sure this won't last long. Click here to shop!

Get The Golden Glam Look
1. Get flawless skin by brushing on the Natural Mineral Foundation in Dark all over the face and neck using the Kabuki Face Brush.
2. Add that subtle hint of color to the apple of the cheeks by applying the Mineral Blush in Rose, blend in circular motions with the Blush Brush.
3. To have the golden glam eyes, use the lighter shade in the Duo Eye Cream in Butter Pecan as your base on the eyelid. Then on the inner corner of your eyes layer on top the Golden Glam Element Eye Shadow Color. On the bottom lash line add the Gilded Eye Liner, to help draw open the eye. To get the berry red color on the eyelid up to the brow bone apply the berry color from the Luxe Eye Color.
4. Lastly, to achieve the bitten lip look apply the Hypershine in Vixen all over lips.
3 Responses:

Cool. Thanks for the link up.

E.L.F. products (the majority of them) regular price is $1 anyway. This isn't a 'special' price...it's the everyday price. I've been buying the products for years. Check out some beauty sites...

also, e.l.f. is not being bought by Nordstrom it was just some false internet rumor. Lik anonymous said e.l.f.'s products are $1 that's their claim to fame.

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