The Goddess Braid Part Deux

Eva, Lance, and Niecy at the BET Pre-Awards Show

Beyonce and Mama at Solange's 22nd b-day. I love Bey's whole look. I think I am going to jack this look to wear to my granny's funeral on Saturday.

Fun times...

Would you rock the goddess braid? If so, how? The few times that I have attempted this look, I braided it with textured hair. So about the 2nd or 3rd day of my twist out, I loosely braid my hair into two large braids...jazz it up with large earrings and shades so that I look like I know what I am The results are really nice and I get a lot of compliments. Try it.
3 Responses:

I have to admit I'm not into showing a lot of skin but from what I've seen Solange wear in her pics of late, she tends to do so with taste, not particularly fond of this outfit pictured:) But it's like okay show em how it's done gurl!

Sorry about your Grandma but if that's the outfit you're'll be fantabulously greiving.

Prudence, I laughed so hard at your comment. Of course I have to close the chest area a little, but otherwise I love Beyonce's look.

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