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"First, I want to say that your blog is refreshing and fun. I read it everyday and I am not even natural-yet! This is why I am writing you. I've had natural hair back in my college days, but after a lack of resources and many days of frustration-I ran back to my crutch. The RELAXER. So after running across your blog through Myspace, I've been inspired to grow my hair natural again. The problem is that I have a short hair style and I don't know what to do with the back as it starts to grow. Any suggestions?

Btw, keep doing what you do-your site is awesome!" ~Tisha

Thanks for the lovely comments-they really keep me inspired.

New growth can be the biggest challenge to overcome when transitioning. One because it's not too much you can do with it and two, it's the first realization that your venturing into uncharted territory. It's likes breaking away from an old habit-the relaxer. The great news it that there are so many options to help smooth out the transitioning process. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Flexi rods-this was my style of choice when I began to grow my hair natural the second time around and boy it was so much fun. At first my hair was too short on the sides and the back to rod, so my stylist would curl these with the curling iron. This style will last about week, but it was so hawt that I did not mind going every week. I got so many compliments on it.

2. Blow out-Invest in a great blowdryer and/or flat iron and continue to wear your hair straight until it is at a desired length. Or visit a Dominican Salon-they work some miracles. Of course, you may have to go a little while with puffy sides until they are long enough to flat iron or blow out. However, the straightness will last up to 3 weeks or more-through humidity and all.

3. Big Chop-When all else fails, chop it off. Run some mousse, gel and/or a great moisturizer through it and play the look up with some great bold accessories. Short hair is sexy and eludes confidence. I did the big chop my first time around and boy did the men come calling. LOL!

4. Braids-Are another option. But be careful because these can sometimes add too much stress on the hair and cause breakage. Trust me I learned the hard way. So I recommend this only as a last resort.

Keep me posted on your progress!

Side note to readers: I try to reply to as many comments and emails as possible. Please bare with me as it may take a couple of days for a response. However, please keep the letters coming. Much love!
2 Responses:

Thanks for this post. I have decided to divorce the relaxer. Wish me luck through this process. The back of my hair is really short so I have to be creative.

I have many flexi-rods. I tried them last week but I think my hair was too wet so the curls didn't last. I'll try it again next week with dryer hair. I also want to try just using aloe vera gel to emphasize the curls because I'll probably stick with whatever is easiest.

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