My Second Love

Ya'll know I love me some Organix Shea Butter Conditioner...but I tried the Coconut Milk and my, my, my-I looooooove it (in my best Opera voice). It's a definite go getter! Organix has to be the best line of conditioners I have EVER used... and I emphasize EVER. You can find it at CVS, Walmart, Target, etc. for $6.99 approximately.
4 Responses:

Every time I pass the Organix products in the drug store I think about you and this blog!! I'm seriously gonna have to give it a try now... lol

LOL! There aren't too many products that I will go to bat for, but this is definitely one. You gotta try it. I think they have a try them free rebate offer right now.

UC, after u gave a review on this I purchases the shea butter co and the vanilla co and I love them both. I say I like the shea butter more but now u got me curious about the coconut. will keep u updated!

Its funny b/c last week I was at RiteAid and noticed both Organix AND Giovanni and was surprised.

I've read a lot about Giovannie per Beauty Logic but haven't read anything on Organix...nice I will have to try that as well :)

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