Say Goodbye To Dry, Itchy Scalp

One of my readers emailed me last week asking for solutions for DRY, ITCHY SCALP. So I gave my regular recommendations-Moisturizers (Miss Jessie's Buttercreme, Crisco, Etc.), Hydration and/or a dab of astringent. But the other night while I was searching (in my cabinet) for some type of oils to apply to my freshly straightened hair (I will talk about that in a min), I ran across this Dr. Miracles Intensive Spot Treatment that has been sitting there for a few months (sigh). I decided to dab a little on my scalp....then a little more-I loved it. The tingling sensation is wonderful and it is not too heavy. This is a definite recommendation for the dry itchy scalp monster or anytime you want to feel the TINGLE.
2 Responses:

I have some of this and it is good.

I've never tried any of the Dr. Miracle products, but I think I'm going to try this. Thanks :)

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