Stylist Spotlight: Hadiiyah Barbel

When it comes to celebrity stylists, Hadiiyah Barbel is the guru. Her creations have covered magazines, television and countless celebrities. She is a entrepreneur, mother, and I don't know where she finds the time, but also a fitness extraordinaire. The chic is fab! View more of her creations on
2 Responses:

Oh wow I wish I could wake up each morning and she could style my natural curls everyday! Extremely Fly!

I love my natural hair now. I have been using a very mild relaxer that left a lot of texture in my hair. But it was so mild that I had to wrap my hair so that it would be straight. I am going to stop relaxing and wrapping because when I don't wrap I can get a big afro, that looks like a blow-out afro. Its amazing! Its so big, lush and glamorous. I actually have that model hair look and it looks so much better than my limp straightened hair.

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