Vogue Italia's Black Issue

I was so excited when I read that Vogue Italia July's issue will feature black models almost exclusively. This is a historical! I know that the US Vogue will mention it, but will not follow suit-which in my opinion it's sad.

I can't wait to get my hands on this mag...I hope it becomes available in the states.

3 Responses:

It's suppose to become available in the states next month (that's what I heard)...I'm so elated!!

it would be easy to obtain in NY since there are a bunch of international magazine stores there...I don't know about other places...but seriously, after currency conversion and tariffs, an issue will probably cost anywhere from 9-14.00...it would be cool to look through though! I hope it's not in plastic when sold here in the US!

yeah! here's a little article I found about the upcoming editions!


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