Bafoonery of The Day: The Obama's Offensive Cartoon

I'm sure many of you have seen this cover by this point and are as bothered by it as I am. And trust me, I truly try not react to ignorance such as this, but I thought it was only appropriate to address Michelle's hair in this picture.

I'm not even going to address the obvious-The photo is downright offensive not only to the Obama's but to black people in general. I digress.
However, feel free to read the story behind this photo here.

I wanted to specifically discuss how Michelle is depicted as a gun toting, angry, afro-wearing Blank Panther. This really annoyed me because in a way, it confirmed that women who don their au natural will never move away from the negative stereotypes of the angry sister.
For this reason it took my so long to wear my natural hair into the work place and other social settings where I felt like I would be judged. Like many, I did not want my hair to limit my career or potential. I remember pressing my hair to go to interviews. It was so frustrating, but eventually I took on the "Take Me As I Am" attitude. I begin to wear my natural texture and haven't looked back.
I don't know if natural hair will ever move past ignorance such as this, but I am happy that we have taken a stand as natural women to profess to the world what natural hair is about-Beauty, Strength, Individuality, and Education.

We are not Angry, we are Strong
We are not Militant, we are Educated
We are not Nappy, we are Curly
We are not a stereotype, we are We.

Please share your thoughts....
6 Responses:

I totally agree with you "sister girl" as I am often called because of my hair lol. I work in Human Resources at a huge company and even though I have proven myself time and again I am sure that my career path is somewhat limited because of my hair.

In the past I have pressed my hair for interviews and even comtemplated sew ins to fit in - I've even had another black girl laugh at my hair while giving me a sew in but thats another story, etc but what keeps me going is knowing that money comes and go and that my hair is MY hair and if that limits me then oh well maybe it wasnt meant to be. Life is too short to not be ones true self.

P.S. Sorry for the soapbox but your site really inspires me.

UC, this is really crazy! I am very sadden by this cartoon and especially Michelle's pic. I am proud to rock my natural hair. I went on an interview today and definitely had my bunny puff workin lol!

Its a shame that people have to be this mean and offensive but that is the world that we live in. When people get over themselves is when we will live in a less judgemental world. Thanks for the post UC!!!

I agree with you, my anger moment is the way they used Michelle, she's not running for President, she is the democratic candidate's wife. To use her as the "Angry Black Woman" says a lot about our society and just how far we have to go. The media continues to put these type of scenes out there, no wonder why we can't get pass many of our issues. This is just another way to derail the campaign. Obama is doing the right thing, by not stooping to their level.

However, with all of this said, do you still see the positive in this photo... despite the negativity it may portray;


This magazine should not go on newsstands with this cover.

Interesting...whenever I get into a discussion about Obama being the next president my viewpoint is definitely criticized. Everyone feels that the world is so progressive and it is time for a change...however I am skeptical of anyone that makes a remark related to this because clearly (based on this caricature as an example) the world is not...progrsseive for who...about what...?

This saddens me...

I knew I wasn't the only one thinking that. The 'black' radical look still lives on in the American consciousness and it's just...sad.

"We are not Angry, we are Strong
We are not Militant, we are Educated
We are not Nappy, we are Curly
We are not a stereotype, we are We"

I love that saying, or quote whatever it is. I love it.

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