Gardasil: Life Saver or Taker?

Another Vaccine has come under fire in recent days-The Gardasil HPV Vaccine. This vaccine was approved in 2006 and is routinely recommended for girls as young as 11. It's designed to prevent a deadly form of Cancer-Cervical Cancer. But lately like many of its' counterparts, reports have surfaced that this vaccine is causing serious side effects that have included seizures, paralysis and even death.

I remember taking my niece and daughter for their annual check up two years ago and my Pediatrician informed me about the vaccine and recommended that the girls get it. Being the natural skeptic that I am, I told her that I wanted to wait until I do more research on the product. In which I did and found complaints of side effects even then. So at that time I decided that I will wait a few years.

However, repeatedly we are seeing horror stories about adverse side effects from new vaccines and medications. It has gotten to the point where it is out of control. One year they introduce a new medicine or vaccine and the next, there are a string of adverse reactions. I know that makers of these drugs and vaccinations are well aware of the problems before they hit the market, but are they ignoring the risks? Or are they using us a lab rats?

Now, to Gardasil's defense, Merck, the makers of the Vaccine deny that the reactions are related to the drug itself. However, I think they owe it to the public to let us know the side effects before we inject these substances into our bodies, especially our children's.

What are your thoughts?
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I work in a chemical lab, and a lot of hair products, household products, and medications, and more contain many hazards, in which I didn't know until I started working there. The pharmaceutical industry is very lucrative due to companies making drugs back to back that are suppose to be needed by society.

Sadly to say, there isn't enough research done on a lot of these medications, vaccines, etc. because the appropriate time to conduct the research isn't done (you can't do research in a few years when dealing with people's lives), and a lot of research is done on lab animals (its illegal to conduct it on humans). In my opinion, I wouldn't use this vaccine because its too early to know how safe it is.

Thanks for the information, I've been asked several time by my pediatrician if I wanted to give it to my 9 year old, I've been reluctant only because she's allergic to just about everything and should be living in a bubble. Armed with this new information, I'm still saying no, until more research is done.

It's funny how marketers advertise these drugs on television. I remember the Gardasil commercial with the girls chanting and jumping rope. They make it seems like a solution and it appeals to your emotions. Because I've said to myself, now why wasn't that around when I was younger? Then you read stories about the side effects and thank goodness that it wasn't. Thanks UC...I stalk your blog everyday.

Hi Urbancurlz!
I was just discussing this w/some co-workers on this week. I have a 12 yr old daughter and I do not want her taking this vaccine. I'm already iffy about some of the medicines out these days and I try to be as natural as possible. It also did not help when a co-worker sent me this article. I hope that you can pull this up and read it.

Here's my issue: Gardasil is intended to combat the potenal of getting HPV. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. Where is the eduction for our daughters and sons about making wise choices? I'm not necessarily talking about sex related choices. Just good choices in general. It all goes back to decision making. We need to raise our children to be good decision makers and that includes choices about sexual expression. Gardasil is just a mask, that may have repurcussions, but it doesn't address the real problem and gives a false sense of security. Education is prevention and prevention is the best cure.

I agree with prudence. It boils down to education and making good decision. Both males and females need to be taught to protect them self at all times.

I got information on Gardasil from my doctor in Fall '06. I did the 3-shot process and I can say that I've not had any harsh side effects. The only reaction that I had was right at the injection site and it was sore for about three days. You have to get the first shot before you turn 26, so if you're 26 or over, you're not allowed to get the shots done anyway. There are so many drugs out there, you really just have to trust your doctor and use your best judgement. I mean, why do so many women trust using birth control pills when they have so many effects? I've heard of some women dying from blood clots because of the type of birth control that they used at the time.

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