I can't...I won't...

I refuse....

To believe that this is what Gary Dourdan looks like...today! These are recent pictures of him vacationing with a companion on the Island of Ibiza (Spain). The speedo, the hair! I know times have been hard for him, but what the? He is officially removed from my "Urban Man" list. For those of you who can't remember the fineness of Mr. Dourdan, here's a pic for ole times sake...(shaking my head). Let's pray that Gary gets it together.

5 Responses:

Oh please let this not be true! I believe he will get himself back into shape and off the drugs. He hasn't been around long enough to have his career be over. I agree he was the hotness!!!! But he needs to get it together quick!

WHATS HAPPENED TO HIM??!! Oh man this is sad.... He's surely come a looooong way since his sexy days as Shaza on A Different World :-(

See was all types of gorgeous but in that speedo looking real thick like a seal catching its breath from a swim...lol. He's still cute though lol

Damn, I'm a little late on the uptake, but WTF! And shame on you for posting this, LOL. I didn't need to see my future husband looking like...I don't even know what to liken his look to, LMAO. Gary, sweetie, get it together.

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