I Want Her Hair: Twist out Curly Ends

I LOOOVE big hair and it's no secret that I love Tanika Ray's untamed curly crop. So just how does she get her hair to look this way? I think it is a twist out with rodded ends...

I just...JUST tried this look for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I received beau coup compliments. I know this method has been around for a while, but I never thought of trying it. I usually twist my hair the normal way then finger curl the ends.

So a few weeks ago after talking to my df about how to obtain a curly look. I decided to try it. Here's what I did.

(1)Twist out hair as usual leaving about 3/4 inch of hair untwisted (tips)
(2)Roll the ends with a flexi-rod (easy to sleep in) or regular rods or straws (whatever floats your boat)
(3) Unravel, blast the roots and whalaah! Curly Hair...Love it.

BTW, what do y'all think of this color? I am at the crossroads and I don't know whether I am going to go lighter than my current dull red or black. I like the above color because it makes her curlz pop. Opinions please, I am going to make a decision by Friday.
8 Responses:

I recently saw a video clip of her on the view, and Barbra was fascinated by her hair........ and ask her if it was real, she replied yes then Barbra went on to ask how do you get it like that she's like every morning I just wake up and fluff it out..and her hair does look like it's natural texture i doubt it's a twist out..nonetheless both she and her hair are hot!

Although this is bed hair-I don't think anyone wakes out of the bed and their natural texture looks this way. I can't confirm that it is a twist set, but it is definitely something other than natural texture.

Have you considered highlights in that color instead? you'll be growing that color out forever and may not be so fond of it in a couple of years.

i wear my hair like this on a daily basis and although i do a twist out, it's simply twisting your curls together to stretch them out.

I'm in love w/her hair also! The color and all! My hair is a couple of inches shorter but I think it'll still be cute. I'm gonna try what you did. Thanks for the tips!...Now for that color!

i like the cut, texture and color of her hair. Not sure what your skin complexion is, but what makes me really like her hair color is the fact that it sort of matches her skin tone.
I honestly didn't know that that was her real hair. I always thought it was a weave.

Love it! Love it! Gotta try!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, just fyi i know tanika and that is her natural hair---the texture has been that way naturally since i've known her which is over 20 years now!

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