Letters of Urbancurlz: Anthony Dickey at Urbanbella

"I think I read that you're from Atlanta. Did you know that "Anthony Dickey celebrity stylist and creator of Hair Rules will be performing his famous cuts and styling services for curls, kinks and waves exclusively at Urbanbella in August! Call today to book your Appointment! 404.255.5022" per Urbanbella.net"

Thanks Anonymous,
Yes Ladies, the one and only Anthony Dickey has partnered with Urbanbella Salon in Atlanta. During the month of August, you can make an appointment with him for styling services. For those of you who don't know about Mr. Anthony Dickey, he is celebrity stylist, author and creator of the Hair Rules Product Line for Curly, Kinky, Curly hair.
He has worked with countless celebrities including the likes of Alicia Keys and Tomiko Frazier. Read more about Anthony. And if you live in the Atlanta area or planning to visit the Atlanta area, hit up UrbanBella to schedule an appointment. P.S. Let us know how your results turn out.
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ok this is a product i can vouch for! i got the cleansing cream last week & the curly whip. excitedly the cleansing cream gets you nearly squeaky clean hair (i've used a lot of product in the past when wearing my curls) without stripping the hair. the rickys i bought it from here in new york also gave me a hefty (nearly 3oz) sample of the clarifying shampoo (grapefruit, i believe) to try. the cleansing cream doesnt lather at all, but works on my 3b/3a texture, as well as my argentinian boyfriend's hair & eczema-suffering scalp. the curl whip is certifiably THE BEST product i've used to softly define my curls and condition. it's a light gel that seems aloe based and smells like honey. it goes on, doesnt clump or flake, no matter how much you use and feels like nothing at all on your hair.

i'm a total convert!

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