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Hey Urban Curlz

I just started to use this great all natural line for curly hair
called the Jane Carter Solution. I saw it in Ebony magazine and I
decided to try it, and I've fallen in LOVE with the line! All the
products are 100% natural and they are for all types and textures of
hair. I LOVE their product called Nourish and Shine, it's for your
body and hair and has become an instant favorite in my house. It
smells amazing and it makes my hair shiny and soft. In addition to the
products being great, they have a great mission and it's a homegrown
line created by a African American stylist. I just wanted to share
this info. Check out the website http://www.janecartersolution.com/


So ladies, what do you think about the Jane Carter product line? I personally have never tried it but I have to admit after Cali's recommendation, I may try it.

Side note: I thank all of you for the wonderful emails that I get with questions, tips, etc. Believe it or not I read every one of them and I try to reply a soon as I can. So please keeps them coming. Got a favorite product that you want to share, hit me up at urbancurlz@gmail
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I've never tried any of Jane Carter Solution products... But I keep hearing that they work very well w/ natural hair. I'm gonna have to check it out!

Jane Carter is da bomb. I used it on my very thick relaxed hair and loved the way my hair felt afterwards. Now, that I'm transitioning, I've been using the shampoo and I haven't had any breakage. Of course, I'm also using Miss Jessie Rapid Recovery once a week.

Yes this line is great. It's all natural and my favourite product is Nourish and Shine. I also use the Replenishing Leave-in Conditioner and the Hair Serum (its just essential oils and vitamins, not a silicone based serum).

Hi this is La'Tisha. I was one of the Miss Jessie Curl's product winners. Sorry it took me so long to submit my remarks about the products but I had extensions in my hair for awhile. N e way, I've only used the curly meringue and it makes my hair smell wonderful and my hair feels really soft. Honestly, I didn't really notice a difference in the way my hair curled/ waxed up after using the product compared to not using the product.
After finding MJC in a store called Ricky's and seeing how expensive it is, I most likely won't be a MJC user after my "winnings" are done.


Sorry you don't like the Miss Jessies. One thing that I've learned about natural hair is that everything is not for every hair type. Therefore, I use a variety of products and sometimes I have to stop using one product once my hair becomes used to it. So, I alternate everynow and then. Have you tried the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In? I cheat on my Miss Jessie's with that sometimes. That's my other lover...lol

Hi Urban curlz,
I have locs, but love your blog! And I also love Jane Carter Solution products as well--more specifically the shampoo and conditioner (very moisturizing) and hair oil. The products are inexpensive, all natural and smell great. I alternate this shampoo and conditioner with Aveda.

wow i just read over my entry. let me try to sound like i have an education lol. MJC made my hair soft and it made my hair smell great. I just didn't notice any difference in the way my hair curled/ WAVED (not waxed) up prior to using MJC product. But I will definitely continue to use the samples that I won. I'm a product junkie!
I've never heard of cantu shea butter leave-in, where might I be able to find it?

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