Ooh Boutique Contest Winners


Wow...we received so many wonderful responses. It was so hard to only choose two that I just had to do eenie...meenie, minie, mo. No literally I did. LOL! And the prevailing two winners were Rani and Akayn.

Rani's response
"I would grab the Yellow Snake Skin Clutch...I have a cute sleeveless black dress with white accent designs that ties around the neck; its knee length. (I purchased it from Ashley Stewart for my birthday and unfortunately, it was barely worn or seen, but that's another story for another day). With it I would wear my black "Pin-Up" girl peep toe heels, and a yellow clutch will put the right punch of color....My hair(currently kinky twist over the beginning stages of locs) will be pinned up with a few twist forming a sexy bang. And to complete it, tear drop shaped copper earrings I also purchased from Ashley Stewart."

Akayn's response
"The banana bark bracelet is HAWT! I would rock it with a simple white tank, dark skinny jeans, some flyy strappy sandals, simple gold hoop earrings (I'm rocking a TWA right now so I gotta have my earrings!) and my khaki faux snakeskin oversize clutch."

Thanks ladies for all of the responses. And congratulations to Rani and Akayn. Please email your information.

If you didn't win this time, don't fret...UC will return with another hawt giveaway in just a few.
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