Product of The Day: Miss Jessies' Quick Curls

Miss Jessie's has a new product called Quick Curls. It's formulated to provide quick, frizz-free curlz without the use of rods. After reading the description, it sounds like it is geared towards relaxed hair or straight hair. Don't let that deter you. My favorite Miss Jessie's product is the Curly Meringue, which is also marketed for relaxed hair. But it works the best on my texture. So I think I am gong to try to see what it does for my hair. Moreover, the Quick Curls is awesomely priced at $9...can't go wrong there.

Has anyone tried it? If so, let us know...I am going to order it so I will update y'all in a week or so. Visit MissJessie'
3 Responses:

I'm so glad you did a post on this! I just bought this cause I'm transitioning right now. My hair is in braids but I put a little on my kitchen and I had a little curl all day! I'm taking the braids out at the end of this week and will try it on my whole head!

I was able to pick up the product this weekend. I tried Curly Pudding in the past and didn't like it. Mainly because I didn't realize it wasn't for my type of hair. The pudding is for stretching tightly curled hair...mine isn't tightly curled so it made it straight. Almost like a gherri curl gone wrong! Anyway, I was skeptical to try any more products from the line, but at $9, I decided to try Quick Curls. I'm glad I did. It really defines my curls and keeps them looking shiny all day long. This is definately a keeper!

UPDATE from previous comment: I used the Quick Curls Monday thru Wednesday and decided to stop. It dried my hair out sooooo BAD! I had to do a deep conditioning treatment this morning before work. I like for my curls to 'set' and then run my fingers over my hair so it is soft but this product did not allow for that. When I ran my fingers over my hair, the curls would flatten out and it would feel dry. By the end of the day, my hair felt like straw. Good thing it was on $9 so no harm done. I've gone back to Garnier Fruitis Curl Leave-in conditioner and my hair is soft again, with curl definition.

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