Road To Natural Entry #2: Katrina Mallory

I decided to become natural because everything else in my life was in sync with living healthier. My food choices was healthier, thinking was healthier/clearer and my beauty/skin products were organic. So why not my hair. As I took inventory I decided I was going to go natural. But initially it wasn't that easy...I had to make a mental adjustment myself! So i asked my mom to just chop my hair and we go from there...So I sported a funky spiked cut for a minute then after awhile I had the boy cut was liberating and divine! I loved it...From then on I never looked back. As my curls, coils and all the above found life; they begin to grow and I was able to experience all kind of styles. I love coiffing hair, so this was an avenue to let my creative side flourish! With natural hair you can be curly one minute and flat iron it on low heat for a straight look the next! Being natural is a liberating experience and it helps you to be comfortable in your own skin and not comfortable
with the LYE!
Also I received tons of support from my family and a lot of my friends who are natural. We share stories, product experiences and we keep each other motivated.....
So I encourage everyone to think about their hair and what's bests for it! Remember it's natural to be natural and you have so many avenues when it comes to styling it! And your hair will thank you for your stance to become Natural!!! Shout it out loud....I am naturally divine!

Katrina is also Motown Girl's July's Spotlight of the Month.

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