Road To Natural Entry #3 Sbrownsugar

As a child I can remember crying at the hair dresser because the relaxer would burn my hair. As I got older I got used to them because I wanted to look like everyone else...I had 4 major hair cuts in my life but the final one lead me to make my decision. My Junior year of college, a friend of mine at the time who was natural would show me pictures on fotki of women with natural hair and I was amazed at how beautiful natural hair was. I decided that I was going to start my chapter into my natural Queendom in graduate school but because of my 4th big hair cut ( from arm pit length to a little above collar bone length) I said then that September 24, 2005 was my last relaxer. I transitioned for 9 months and did my Big Chop August 15, 2006. I am proud of the decision I made because I learned more about myself, BY MYSELF. When I look in the mirror now I see a beautiful Black Queen that God has made in His Image. I have learned so much about African American hair care from my journey and I am learning more and more about my hair. I am just thankful that I was awakened.

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