Road to Natural Entry 7: Sabrina

Two years ago last April, I decided that I was tired of burning my scalp and I was trying to figure out how to control my Sebhorric Dermatitis that had taken over my scalp. I wore braids for almost six months and in the meantime was trying to sell my condo and find a new place to live. I moved into my house on a the last day of August (a Thursday), took out my braids that night, and cut my hair that Friday.... and I haven't looked back.

For me, this journey has been more about keeping my hair healthy and strong and my scalp from itching. I haven't seen a flake of dandruff since that day in August after I washed my hair once all the relaxed ends were gone. I had my hair pressed once and realized that I don't miss straight hair at all. My hair is awesome!

Here's a picture to show the cool things I can do with it now....

3 Responses:

Loving the hair! Keep on doing you.

Sabrina, your hair looks great! You can see that it is really healthy and that style really shows off those high cheekbones!

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