Road To Natural Entry 6: Fallon

Hey Darling! Being natural was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. There is nothing like looking in the mirror to see a head full of curls and waves and kink. Combine that with a pair of beautifully gigantic eyes and you cannot go wrong. I went natural in May of 2006 and it has been a wonderful and enlightening journey that I would not trade for any other experience. The truth is that way before I went natural, I always admired natural women because they seemed carefree, strong, and not immune to the stereotypical mindsets of beauty.

But unlike the women I admired I was too scared to look like that. I’ve realized that people are scared to be themselves sometimes because of the standards that society sets. I was one of them. I actually went natural on accident my senior year in college. I moved away to do an internship in another city, did not have my sister/stylist extraordinaire to do my hair, and one day after frustrations with my hair I decided that I would become natural! I hit up the library and read books that fed my mind about black hair and kinks/curls and equipped myself with knowledge about MY hair. I transitioned for 10 months and decided to do the big chop on May 2006 with 3 inches of new growth and I have never looked back.
11 Responses:

Natural is the best way to go!! You look great, girlfriend. Continue on with the sexy natural look. It's hot!

You are beautiful!! Your hair looks amazing and your confidence in who you are is beaming from you!

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I haven't found it in myself to go natural so kudos to you and all the other sistahs that have!!!!

God gave you that Naturel Beauty, Flount it my sister! You go Girl!!!! Mamabert

I love her hair and this series is wonderful. I have to read what the rest of the ladies had to say, all beautiful heads of hair btw.

Gurlfriend ur hair is gorgeous! I feel you and I shared almost the same experiences for our natural journey... stay sweet and keep looking fly :D

your hair looks beautiful!!! how were you able to transition for 10 months? (coming from a sistah who is four months in)

you are rockin' it girlfriend! you embody natural beauty from your hair to your shoes! your story is inspiring.

By saying good-bye to lye and hello to the au natural you have released your true beauty. Your beauty is expressed not only in your kinks but in your words spoken so eloquently. Keep being you!!!!!!!!!! We love you for it.

i love your hair fallon. i've been natural for about 13 months and i can't wait to get to the point where you are now. keep it up girl!

wow, you're sooo beautiful with your natural hair.. that's what grabs my attention on the street. I'm always happy to see fellow naturals while out..I don't really think twice about straight hair anymore..curly and natural is so breathtaking!

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