The Road To Natural: Goddess Zuri Giveaway


Goddess Zuri's owner, Candace, is a marketing professional who decided to go natural five years ago. It took her over two years to make this decision because she was searching for societal acceptance, which encompassed a struggle between accepting personally or socially constructed ideas of beauty.

When she turned to friends and family members to get their opinion on what she should do with her hair, they were less than excited to hear about her contemplation to go natural. Her parents told her not to do it because she would drastically reduce her chances of getting a good paying job. Her brother told her she would look like a boy. Her friends told her that her long, relaxed hair was beautiful and that she would surely miss it if she cut it off.

After years of mulling over the idea, Candace decided to go natural on her 21st birthday and hasn't looked back since. Read More.

Like Candace, I'm sure all of us have a story behind the curls. Whether it was influenced by a celebrity, boredom, insight, or a trend. Tell us about your road to natural?

To enter, please share your story and snapshot. I will profile the entries as they roll in. On July 20th, I will announce the selected winners who will win a t-shirt of their choice from GoddessZuri. The t-shirts are hawt, they are Beautiful, Royal and Naughty (my personal favorite).

So share your story and pics, check out GoddessZuri, and feel free to comment on the entries.

4 Responses:

OMG! I love the Naugh-Ts.

As a child I can remember crying at the hair dresser because the relaxer would burn my hair. As I got older I got used to them because I wanted to look like everyone else...I had 4 major hair cuts in my life but the final one lead me to make my decision.
My Junior year of college,A friend of mine at the time who was natural would show me pictures on fotki of women with natural hair and I was amazed at how beautiful natural hair was. I decided that I was going to start my chapter into my natural queendom in graduate school but because of my 4th big hair cut ( from arm pit length to a little above collar bone length) I said then that september 24, 2005 was my last relaxer. I tranzitioned for 9 months and did my Big Chop August 15, 2006. I am proud of the decision I made because I learned more about myself, BY MYSELF. When I look in the mirror now I see a beautiful Black Queen that God has made in His Image. I have learned so much about african american hair care from my journey and I am learning more and more about my hair. I am just thankful that I was awakened.
Sorry for the long story but this is my hairstory :D.

I lover earrings... I actually have on a pair today!

I love the Naugh-tees too. I have the one that says "I like mine big" and the pervs definitely come out when I wear it. I definitely have to get some of the earrings. I love to wear big hoops!

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