Road To Natural: My Story

My road to natural began at the intersection of Frustration Ave. and Change Blvd. I had just broken away from a turbulent point in my life...I was in a new city and starting a new life. I craved something new. My hair was already short compliments of the Tony-Halle-Waiting To Exhale era. In which, I quickly found that cutting all of your hair off does not change much. I was still craving for a difference...

So while on my quest for inner peace, I just decided to grow my hair natural. After a series of straw sets, I cut off all of the relaxed ends and there it was-My hair. OMG, I was shocked, enthused, afraid, all at the same time...I cried. What did I just do? I wanted desperately to pull the jug of relaxer from under the cabinet and slap on my hair, but a higher power came over me and told me to sleep on it.

The next day I just slapped some gel on it and headed to work. I was met with a lot of stares, but I got a few compliments that kept me going through the day. This was a defining point in my life.

Along the way, I've encountered a lot of potholes on my road to natural. I've crossed the paths with ignorance, self hatred, and plain ole' haters. I've endured the infamous "What are you doing to your hair?", "Girl, you need a perm", "I don't like it", "Nappy" etc. You name it, people have said it. But ironically, those ignorant statements have made me stronger.
Donning natural hair has been more than another hair style or phase in my life-it has been mind and body altering for me. I've finally found that inner peace I was searching for. I don't know if I can attribute solely to natural hair, but I can admit that something about being natural is liberating and peaceful. For the first time in my life, I look in the mirror (even on my bad hair days) and love my hair.
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Thanks for posting. I'm not there yet. I'm still on the road to natural. I finally, threw away that just-in-case jar of relaxer this weekend and the garbade truck has already come by so I can't change my mind. I don't even want the temptation. My vision right now is that I can always perm my hair if I want to but going natural is a process. I'm sticking with it. It is liberating. I'm getting in touch with me in a very personal way. All masks set aside. Thanks for the inspriation....and you do rock the natural better than any other sistier I've known. You're creative and stylish. It's wonderful to see a sister that loves herself sooo much, it shows without being cocky and's just a deep knowing that is evident to the rest of the world. Thanks.

I've been growing out of my relaxer for a year and it is tough, but I'm not giving up! It's so nice to hear someone else doing/going through the same thing.

Mz. Stephanie Marie

This sounds just like me. I've had to deal with ignorance since I made the choice to go natural. Good to know that I'm not alone.

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