Short and Chic: Robin Roberts

ABC anchorwomen Robin Roberts is a fabulous example of how to rock a short and curly crop. After shaving all of her hair off late last year while undergoing Chemo and wearing a wig for months to follow-Robin decided to ditch the wig and don the curls. Her hair is uber fabulous and a great example of how one can make a big chop chic.

Well I know many of you are asking, how do you get this look when your hair is not naturally this texture...Here's how:

On freshly washed hair, apply a gel (I used Lekair Pink Gel $2 and won't flake) or mousse. Next you need a pomade, this will seal in moisture and give the shiny look. Many of you are going to cringe, but when my hair was this short, I used beeswax. It worked best on my hair and washed right out. Natural Shea Butter works well also. But depending on your texture or preference, you may be able to use something lighter. Run the gel through your wet hair. Dry your hands and follow up with the pomade. This will allow for equal distribution of the pomade. Then take very small sections of the hair and finger curl it until you have completed the whole head. Apply some oil sheen spray. Smooth down the front and sides and your done. Your hair will air dry and the curls will stay.

The other option is to get a texturizer or tex-lax. You pretty much have to complete the same steps as above with less effort and product. This is an alternative for those of you who want the ease of wash and go.

Side Note: As with any style, use products that you find works well with your texture. We all have varying textures, so what may work on one texture may not work on the other. My suggestions are what works for my hair...and if I had to put my texture in a category it is 3c-4a (!?)

~For Renea
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Did anyone watch the segment they had with R. Roberts about her hair? Yeah, they talked about her hair loss related to her illness and how she felt about it. She also talked about her transition with her wig and she came to the realization that she looked beautiful without it. I think she also mentioned that one of the reasons she was uncomfortable initially with her short hair and possibly not wearing a wig because of her position as an anchorwoman (interesting, but so true).

It was a powerful segment....maybe it's on youtube :-)

I LOVE Good Morning America and I love Robin!!! She is such a great role model and I think she looks fierce w. her short do :)

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