Special Offer: Try BioInfusion Olive Oil Product Free

I ran across this product today at Walgreens, why I did not buy it? I don't know, but currently Walgreens has a full rebate any Bioinfusion product. So basically, you can try it for free. This line carries Olive Oil based shampoos, conditioners and styling products. The Olive Oil Leave In creme retails for about $7.99. Maybe I will make a trip back to Walgreens to try...can't go wrong there!
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I saw this yesterday at Walgreens, I've used their detangling conditioner (realllly like it! my hair is 4a with a few small 3c areas) I didn't pick this up because I think there's some ingredient I don't use in it.. can't remember what. Let us know how you like it =)

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