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A few days ago, a reader left me a great question about Natural Hair Affirmations. I have searched this blog up and down looking for the comment to address the answer, and have not found it. So I apologize, however I have been searching for Affirmations on the web and found one book, Nappyisms by Linda Mosetta Jones. I am sure that there are other sources and books out there, but I have not run across any with affirmations.

Honestly, when I first started growing my hair out, there were no books (at least I could not find any), not too many salons, nor were there blogs and websites. It was a hard time for me at first, especially fighting criticism. But ironically, the criticism made me love my natural hair even more. Instead of feeling insecure, it empowered me. So I began looking into the mirror and btw, I still do it now-and found reasons to love my hair.

This is just some examples of my affirmations:

"I love each spiral, each curl and each kink"
"My natural hair shows my individuality"
"My natural hair exudes my strength"
"My natural hair set me outside of the box"
"My natural hair demonstrates that I am bold and daring"
"I love the thickness and every curve of my natural hair, sorta like my body"

I have falling in love with my hair. And like with any relationship, some days are better than others. I find myself, running my hands through my hair more often and glancing in the mirror more. These are things that I did not do when I was relaxed. I am no longer a slave to the chemicals, status quo, or the stylist's chair.

Enough about me. LOL. Any of you who are considering growing natural hair and need a little inspiration to keep you going-here are a few things that UC recommend:

(1) Read UC (LOL)
(2) Look for natural hair inspirations-Models, Fotki Journals, Magazines
(3) Read natural hair web sites and blogs
(4) When you see a natural sister and her hair is fly...don' be afraid to stop her and ask her for hair tips or give her a compliment
(5) Most importantly love yourself, you can never go wrong there
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Great, great post! We definitely need motivation to stay focused whether we are already natural or are transitioning. Like you said, some days are better than others. I fight w/ my hair a lot but at the end of the day I still love it. I recently attended a huge bbq and I was surprised to see so many beautiful black women wearing their hair natural. It is definitely becoming more and more popular.

Hey UC!!!
My question was under the July 13, Goddess Zuri post...lol! It was a weird place to post a question so...

Thanks so much for searching high and low!! I am currently trying to figure out what works in my regimen for lifting my spirits! This blog and a host of other things definitely helps out ALOT!!

Thanks again!!

UC to Ebony Traveler,

Thanks for coming back...It is so funny because I copied the post to address later, but when I went back I could not find it. So I was tearing up this blog trying to find it. That is the one thing I don't like about blogger comments. LOL.

Thanks for posting this it really is inspirational. (I used to carry around two pictures I tore from 'Black Hair and Beauty'magazines as inspiration).

That was in the days when you didn't see any natural curls or natural coils on the street.

Now curly heads are everywhere! And I will definitely say something complimentary if I see a lovely head of hair.

Great post. I really love your road to natural post. My hair is natural stopped perming it 11 years ago. And the reason why I like the road to natural is because it teaches us how to transition and take care of our hair. On a daily basis I argue with people who ridicule women who perm their hair, now I'm not defending perm because it is damaging, but the reason why I defend them is because ridiculing them doesn't teach them how to go from permed to natural. So I always teach women how to transition and manage.

Each one teach one.

What a brilliant post!
ok... off to order the book!
I just noticed that it was out of stock.
OK .... off to add a link to my "Links and other goodies" section.
Cheers for looking high & low for this one..
All the best

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