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The longer your hair grows, the more it will fall in a downward direction.

I decided to post this because I was involved in a conversation with a young lady who was insistent on believing that her hair will never fall into a downward direction. She was convinced that if she allowed her hair to grow long that it would look like a big Afro. For that reason, she always kept her natural hair short.

I was mystified as to what made this young lady believe this and at the same time saddened. I just kept thinking about six years of natural hair that she kept cutting off as I stood there shaking my head. It pains me to know that there is such a lack of information and representation of natural hair in the media (hair magazines, etc).

However, I begin to explain to her that the longer the hair, the more it weighs-the more it will begin to fall in a downward direction. Thus creating the long curly look we desire. She was in disbelief, but hopefully it got through to her and she'll think about that before she cuts again.
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That is correct as natural hair grows it starts to grow in a downward direction and the curls get longer.

As someone that is still trying to figure out which product works best with my texture, what styles look good on me and how to feel good about this decision, I have found that constantly reading about natural hair has prepared me for alot of things.

Right now I'm reading "Going-Natural" by Mireille Liong-A-Kong and I have found that the more knowledge I obtain regarding natural hair and its processes the better and more empowered I feel.

I must admit, I am doing more reading about natural hair and viewing fotki websites more frequently after I did my BC. But I guess late is better than never.

My point is, there is alot of knowledge that can be obtained about natural hair if you didn't grow up with any one natural(like me). I guess you have to want to learn and see what other women are doing.

So true! I went through several pictures I had taken of my hair since I did the bc last December. My curl pattern has changed 4 times, and now it has wavy characteristics instead of having the original ringlets I loved so much :/ It's still cute though :)

yep, i definitely learned this. mine has gotten much longer and i pretty much CAN'T wear it in a fro anymore. gravity takes hold and just pulls it downward. lol.

Thanks for posting this!!!

I agree with Muze..it's hard to get mine in a fro these days. It kinda stands up in the top but the rest of it just hangs to the side.

This does seem obvious but I too couldn't get past the akward length and though natural for the past four years just started the commitment to stop growing. I haven't cut it since December and it's five inches stretched out in some places. A little mushroom shaped but that photo gives me hope as I just dyed it that color and love it. Just found your great blog! Thanks!

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