Urbanista of The Day: Solange

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Solange spotted on a promo tour in the UK. Hot Tangerine and Electric blue...fire!

Even love the Fendi North-South Bowler Bag

The hat piece...very Jessica Parker, the shoes...not so much. Nonetheless, the hair makes my wanna wig it, weave it, achieve it...I want it.
2 Responses:

I want that bag!!! I love Fendi bags (great quality, long lasting), and this one is hot :)

I actually got the hair and I am soo happy :-). I am growing my natural out and I just got braids so that I will stop styling my natural hair. Plus I wanted something different in the braids, I was tired of just straight and wet and wavy. So I got the synthetic deep wave hair and it turned out great. FYI I used to be a Human hair snob but the synthetic felt better than the human hair! I've been rocking it for 2 weeks and the curls still look great.

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