Video of The Day: BScott is AfroLicious

Ok, I hope y'all are not tired of my weekly Bscott videos, but I have to post these because this brother no sister's -Y'all know what I mean-hair is so fierce that we all could learn some lessons. This video makes me want to don the afro this weekend for my B-day. Moreover, B's attitude and confidence is a breath of fresh air and truly Urbane! So, I'm sorry if you're tired of B, but I love himB.
4 Responses:

Love Me some Bscott too! Always sooo uplifting, and his hair is always on Point!

I truly adore BScott!.
His confidence, personality and just general presence is something else.. dude is fierce!. lol

Just had to ubnlurk for this...
Your blog is cool.. :)

I've got quite a few hair tips from here . so thank you

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