Video of The Day: Jazmine Sullivan I Need You Bad


Wow...very reminiscent of Lauren Hill. I heard this on the radio today and could not wait to get home to Google it. Enjoy!
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Love Jazmine, will miss her style from the Black Lily days here in Philly. Truly hate that she's down with Missy, her style is so so beyond that and truly hope this is the only cameo we have with her. She mos def can stand on her own.

No disrespect to Missy BTW:) Just saying we've been waiting to get a record from this girl since before her teenage years and I could do without the hype woman on her songs.

Have to agree. I love Missy too, but this girl does not need a hype woman or none of that non-sense. She sounds like the real deal.

When I heard her voice for the first time, I honestly thought it was Lauren Hill...I almost screamed (Lauren is still my fav). So I was surprised when my display read Jazmine Sullivan. Her voice is timeless so I pray that she does not follow the road of some of these other talented singers who succumb to pressure just to sell records.

Yes, I love her sound! It's very sultry...I'm definitely feeling her! If you all like Jazmine check out Estelle, I just purchased Estelle's new cd and I love that as well.

totally lovez her song, too! i lived in the philly area a few years back and didn't realize she was from the Black Lily era (what happened to it, btw??).

us 30-somethings were longing for some lauryn hill style soul to come back, and jazmine's brought it. when i learned she was a missy product, i was hoping it was jessica betts who won missy elliott's "road to stardom" reality show a while back. she, too, had the gravelly, soulful, lauryn hill type voice.

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