Video of The Day: John McCain's Attack Ad


HotdamnMOherewegoagain! This is the crap that is responsible for waking me up out of sleep this morning so I could not resist commenting. I REALLY try to keep my blog relevant to hair, beauty, and fashion..but this right here-struck a nerve. Out of all the barriers Presidential Candidate Barack Obama has broken, he is being reduced to the likes of Paris and Brittany. This election is going to get down and dirty. What do you think?

4 Responses:

I saw this this morning also and it turned my stomach. I can't believe John McCain would endorse such garbage. Calling Barack Obama a celebrity is one thing, but he really took a low blow when he compared him to two low-class drugheads. This ad is only going to backfire on him.

This is a bunch of malarkey!! Is he serious?? I just laughed when I saw it. I really can't imagine anyone taking this seriously. It just makes McCain look desperate.

I swear Haters are everywhere! Sad!

WtHeck!!!! I'm surprised McCain and his old a$$ even knows who brittney and paris is!lol but definitely a low blow!

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