Video of The Day: Raheem Davaughn "Text Messages"

I love me some Raheeem Davaughn, and this song is kinda hot...but I don't text messaging is healthy for a relationship. It causes too many problems. Let's talk about this topic for a minute.

Fortunately, I am not speaking from experience, but more so from a perspective. My dh and I started dating pre-text message era and we still don't text. Well unless it is the grocery list. But more so my experience with text messages is solely through my single friends. In my opinion, texting is not healthy for relationships especially fresh relationships because it leave too many "what if" doors open.

What if...
he's with someone else while he's texting me
he's not where he say he's at
he did not mean what I thought he meant
he's texting another women while he's with me
and the list goes on.

I always tell my friends to not open that door when it comes knocking. The first time a man texts-my advice is to say-"Please don't text me, I love to hear your voice". Now I am sure many of you are going to throw in trust. Yeah, trust is important. But when you are just getting to know a person, the relationship has not established trust. What are your thoughts and/or experiences? Please share...
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Good topic. I, myself, am just not a phone person. In the beginning of my relationship I did speak on the phone more often than I do now though. I have no problems w/ texting- I actually prefer it to talking.
All of the 'what if' scenarios you mentioned can still be applied to actually speaking on the phone too. He can still call you if he's with somebody else, he can still be some place he's not and be doing something he isn't supposed to be.
BUT, at the end of the day it still remains to be all about trust... regardless of 'text' or 'talk' I think.

I'm from a pre-texting era, relationshipwise but I used to watch my SIL doing the flirty text thing and getting weird texts back.

I don't know; there seems a lot of room for duplicity! And basic lying!
And I couldn't cope if the man I was with texted while I was with him.


yeah i agree that texting is not good for relationships...
i am a part of the texting era and everyone does it. So i met this guy at the movies and it seemed really cool and everything, but all of a sudden he didnt want to talk to me anymore, and i had no clue why. He told my friend because i was rude...ok if you know me i am never rude to anyone, and come to find out it was because i sent a text message that was meant to be sarcastic, but he thought i was serious...yeah no more texting while getting to know someone

Exactly!! Texting and emailing is definitely the

I just feel like intent and content can be misunderstood through these vehicles of communication and although I utilize them both HEAVILY....I am able to recognize on occassion when I just need to pick up the phone and hear someones voice because it can become artifical and impersonal...

However, if R. Devaughn wants to text me then...well...ladies, you know the

Sorry UC, I had to "cut-up" a lil'

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