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"Can you recommend some Dominican salons in the Atlanta area?"

Well, I have only been to one Dominican Salon in the Atlanta area:
M & M Beauty Salon
152 Jackson St SW,
Lawrenceville, GA 30045 (678) 376-6262

It is located on Jackson Street in downtown Lawrenceville. I was styled by the stylist in the first chair on the left, she may be the owner. I honestly forgot her name, but she is the best and really takes her time to get the hair very straight. My hair was straighter than a relaxer and had so much movement.
However, I realize that you may/may not be located in Gwinnett, so I searched the web for some other recommended Dominican Salons and here's what I found:

MC Dominican Hair Salon
4165 Jimmy Carter Boulevard
Norcross 770-908-8330
Stylists Charo, Adrianna or Johanna

Lilly's Hair Plus
5344 Jimmy Carter Blvd NW
Norcross, GA 30093 (770) 446-7111
Highly recommended by two friends and web reviews

Dominican Hair Salon
677 Franklin Rd Suite B
Marietta, GA 30067 (770) 421-8380

Metro Salon Studio
Kirkwood Station 1963 Hosea L. Williams Drive
Atlanta, Georgia (404) 373-5740
I beleive this salon is black-owned but they have a Dominican stylist in the salon. The owner Joanne is very professional. It is also an Aveda Salon.
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Lilly's is really nice, i have been there before.


I'm not understanding where there is such a hype from us Black women to get our "doobies" done by a Dominican? What makes their strategies 100 times better than Black salons. I could understand that some of the naturals may be hesitant to go to a Black salon. Reasons being are that Black beauticians can sometimes be too harsh in their comments about natural hair. Some may even act in fashions that make you uncomfortable; but, the last time I checked the Dominican communities have their complex issues, too. Their motto is also "if it ain't straight, it ain't great." I really think we need to evaluate our psyche when we become obsessessed over the craze of Dominican doobies and realize that whereever you go, it's all about WHICH INDIVIDUAL handles your hair well -- be it Black or Dominican.

I agree lau-lau. What is the obsession? Why are Dominican salon's all the rage with black women? Why can't we stay loyal to black stylists? I've had equally bad Dominicans and blacks. It al depends on who handles my hair well. Black stylists need to get their skills up and learn to do the round brush hair dryer technique and stop booking so many clients at one time and having such a long wait. I've found that not many black or Dominican stylist can do thick and natural black hair.


Y’all are getting testy in here! Don't forget most Dominicans are if African descent, so don't loose site-this is not a "Black vs. Dominican"'s all about the technique. I personally wouldn't care who did it as long as it was done properly. However, the bottom line is that Dominican salons are ahead of the curve when it comes to the blowout technique. Their pricing is less, wait time is less, and better results (in many cases). They have been doing this for years whereas "Black" salons (for lack of better words) are just catching on. I don't think it has anything to do with identity, etc. However, I agree with GW, "Black" salons just need to jump on board.

Also, I failed to mention that I've visited Lilly's twice and I was not impressed with my hair results. I thought that the stylists did better jobs on those who have relaxed hair or fine hair. They were not ready for me and my hair - at all. My hair looked like something I did at home in the end. Not once but twice. But, hey, I heard good things before I went too. It always depends on what you think is "good" work. I've tried other Dominican salons and Black ones too and it is so hard to find someone who can style and press natural hair like mines.


There is an interesting article on about the misconceptions and assumptions about Dominican hair salons.


I just came across your site. I actually go to a Dominican Salon and I love mine! I tried Lily's and HATED my experience. I have been going to Norma's for about a year and a half. Here is the information!

Dominican Hair by Norma
Norcross-Tucker Rd (off Jimmy Carter)

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