Blank Stares of The Day: Certified Hot Messes

It's so many things wrong with this look, but I will just focus on the hair. Never mind, I will just leave that alone too. Certified hot mess!

And Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy! First it was the face, now the stomach. Please let this serve as an example of why we should love and embrace our natural selves. Triple Platinum Certified Hot Mess!

3 Responses:

This post should have had a warning. I seriously just got a headache after looking at that picture of Raven. WTH?! If Kim has clothing on it's progress. I expect nothing from her besides that. Lawd a mercy. I'm going to take an Advil...ugh.

since you didnt say it I will. Raven hould have looked in the mirror just once and thought about that outfit. Then fired whom ever gave it to her and thought it was cute. She looks like a stumpy troll queen that lives in cental park. "I just watched the 10th Kingdom on ION channel". Oh so wrong. I'll let the hair slide. Kim has long been in denial. There's nothing else to say. She is an example of the Michael Jackson effect.

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