Do You Aphogee?

Aphogee has a new look for their line and new product...the Two-Step Protein Treatment. For those you like myself who are new to protein treatments-let me give you a brief run down.
Protein strengthens hair and when used properly can drastically reduce and repair damaged tresses. While this product is great on chemically treated hair, many curlies uses protein in their regular regimen to strengthen hair and rebuild hair structure.
The recommended usage for Aphogee treatments are every 4-6 weeks.
Here's how to use it:
Shampoo hair/Rinse thoroughly
Section hair into 2-4 sections
Apply Aphogee saturating the hair from root to tips
Gently comb/finger comb to blend evenly
Leave hair uncovered
Sit under warm dryer for approximately 10 minutes or until it hardens
Wet hair again and gently rinse
Apply Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer and leave on 2 minutes
Rinse again
Deep condition and style as usual
Caution: The Aphogee Treatment hardens on the hair, this is normal. Avoid manipulating the hair once the treatment has hardened.
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I have used Aphogee (in my relaxed days), and the product is good, but I think Nexxus' Emergencee Reconstructor is better...well, it has better results on my hair.

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