Ellin Lavar Textures "Drench & Design"

I ran across Ellin Lavar's product line in CVS the other day (I really need to stay out of there). However, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of curly hair products popping up on local store shelves. It is time that marketers recognize that there is definitely an under-served market out there. But as with anything, sometimes you have to do a little research before you go running out purchasing everything that claims it is designed for "curly hair". As a result, I decided to do a little research on this line before I started swiping my card.

The line is designed by seasoned celebrity stylist Ellin Levar. Over the years, she has been the hands behind the hair of Whitney, Missy Elliot, and even Oprah. She is also a salon owner, former reality show host, and now has a line of products called Textures. Although, the line has been around for a couple of years, this was the first time I noticed it in a local store.

The products were all pleasantly priced around the $7 range at the store. So I immediately became excited but also confused because I did not know which one I wanted to buy. So I decided to research the line and found a pretty great review for 4A hair. Read here.

Also while looking at the Textures web site, it appears that the "Drench & Design" may be the best products for curly hair because boasts the magic words-moisture (a curly girls best friend). Read more about it here.

Although I don't think that I will be running back out to CVS to pick up the products any time soon (only because I am satisfied with my current regimen)-I may try this line in the near future. I will keep you posted. Has anyone tried the Textures line before? If so, please share your experience.
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I have used two of her products before, the Oil(The oil finished so fast I hardly remember having it) and the Liquid Motion Flexible Hold Styling Lotion, The Liquid Motion u apply when wet and it did enhance my curls, but I didn't like the crunchy feeling afterwards. I still have it, and I do use it when the mood strikes (not extremely often!) I'll stick with my Aloe Vera Gel and CocoNut Oil concoction!

I went to the Bronner Bros. show Monday, 8/4th and I was walking around and checking out the different booths and exhibits and I saw Ellin Lavar. She was styling another attendee's hair with her products. When she was through she told me to sit down and she pressed my natural hair. She used ThermaMist spray on my hair before she flat iron it. She told me I should use the PenetratingBalm after pressing out my hair to give it shine. I was impressed with my press out. Afterwards, I purchased her DetangleMist (I really need a good detangler right now), OptiMoistShampoo, SantinSoft conditioner, Penetrating Balm and ThermaMist for $20. I haven't used any of them on my own yet, but I will soon and let your know. Ellin was real nice and down to earth and so was her sister, brother, and staff. She was heavily recognized and lots of people came over to get pics with her.

Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the wonderful posts.


i loved ellin's show when it was on! she seemed so straight-forward & no nonsense...

i'm hesitant to try her products, simply because all i ever really saw her doing on the show were weaves. i have natural hair (that i grew) and because of her clientele, i cant imagine her products are geared to 'real' hair versus dead hair.

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