Eyebrow Threading? What's The Hype

So this weekend, I was out and about strolling the malls and ran across an eyebrow threading booth. I was so excited when the technician told me that it was only $10 that I jumped right into the seat to try it.

For those who may not know, Eyebrow Threading is a growing technique that uses two strands of cotton thread to remove hair on the face. It's less evasive than waxing and plucking, so it is becoming increasingly popular amongst sensitive groups, especially those on medications like Accutane, etc... According to most, the process is relatively painless and doesn't leave you with that redness or puffiness that can happen after a waxing. However for me, I was left with 4-5 tiny specs on above my right eye. Although I did not feel any pain during the procedure, I just noticed it today-boooo~

Additionally, the hair was not completely cleaned off of my eyebrows. Both my daughter and husband noticed immediately that it was not as clean as waxing. My verdict, stay with waxing if you want more defined arches. This method is great for someone who may not want the waxed look-i.e. kids and men. However, if you choose the threading method, find someone who is very experienced. You may want to stear clear of the mall varieties. LOL!
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Yes, you must beware of who you go to! I only get my eyebrows threaded actualy. Experianced threaders can do a more precise job than waxing because they can get indiviual hairs. However, I would never say it doesn't hurt. It hurts more when your hairs are completely grown out though. So you can't just go to anyone. BTW I never had anyone leave stubble before I'm sorry you had a bad experience :-(. I am still a threading girl, have been since HS.

Wow I had the same experience, well the brows were done clean however a bit too clean. It looks like I only have eyebrow halves over both eyes. And I didn't notice until I got home, and my daughter also pointed it out.

I'd yelped about it (www.yelp.com) and the owner contacted me and offered 4 maintenance services to get my brows back in shape. I thought cool because I did plan on going back because I liked the salon itself and decided i'd let the owner know of the issue and let her know how I'd like my brows to look. However after I responded to her, saying yes didn't like her follow up reply and opted to leave it alone. Felt like was doing too much to cover herself rather than taking blame for jacking my brows.

I'm taking my daughter to NY for her bday in Sept. so I'm going to try it again then.

I will only get my eyebrows threaded. My threader is amazing and my eye brows end up looking way better than when I use to get them waxed. The arch is cleaner and smoother looking. I also have never ever had stubble left and thought that was weird. Maybe you just got a newbie threader or something.

sounds like a bad experience - i think it really depends on the technician. i've had my eyebrows threaded before and was really happy with the results. there is an east indian place by me that charges $2! and yes, the results are great and don't look like $2 :o) east indians and middle easters do a great job at threading...

I think it's who you go to. I've been getting threaded for a year now and if they can get my eyebrows clean, then they can do miracles with anyone. The fact that you said it didn't hurt, says to me that you didn't have the right people doing it because my threading experiences have all been a bit uncomfortable. The discomfort didn't last long but it could definitely be felt.

I go to Hair Images on North Druid Hills and they have about 6 - 8 ladies working at the same time; moving clients in and out. I love it. You have to try it again - but not with anybody please.

Okay...sounds like I just had a bad experience. After reading all of your replies, I am convinced to try it again. Maybe I just got a newbie or maybe it was the wrong place...we were in the middle of the mall with curious on-lookers.

I'll update y'all in a couple of weeks after I let my hair grow out a little.

I think that you have to be very careful of who you go to for threading. I've done both threading and waxing on the brows and you could totally get well defined arches. I think that person was just not very good. Its very traditional in Middle Eastern/Far Eastern areas and those women usually have great brows. I go to Shobha's in NYC and I would not go to anyone else. There should be no stubble.

Right- You shouldn't have any stubble whatsoever. I used to get my eyebrows threaded but stopped b/c they were making my brows waaaay to thin, and I like my dark, thick eyebrows. I've been tweezing them myself for awhile now, b/c it seems that I'm the only one who knows how to do them, lol.

I agree that it was the wrong person. I used to get my brows waxed when I lived in NorCal. My brows always looked full and perfect like they grew out of my head that way. I couldn't find any threaders in NC at all when I moved back. I went to the mall kiosk a few months ago and the lady lacked a few customer service skills. I visited NorCal a few days ago and tried a new lady that advertised in the local ad paper. She was great. I even think I look cuter.

UC to Wes,

I guess I will have to revert back to tweezing my brows also. I also think that I do my brows the best because I like mine thick as well. Most people over arch my brows.

I just get lazy every now and then and want that pampered touch. However, it sounds like I just had a bad experience, but I may...try this again...one day!

My name is Amanda Nourse and i would like to show you my personal experience with Accutane.

I have taken for 6 days. I am 27 years old. My dermatoglogist put me back on Accutane partially because Klaron, Rentin A, & Doxycyclin were NOT working....I have been on Accutane before about 7 years ago so not too concerned about the side effects. With my previous run on this medicine I didn't have the severe back aches. I will say I did have tons of issues registering with the IPledge website...all too confusing all to combersome! Didn't have to do that 7 years ago. Since this is my 2nd go round I can say that for me there were no depression issues because my skin looks awesome ...tons of compliments. As with all things once I stop so will the side effects. This medication is obviously for those with severe acne so you should certainly weigh the pros vs. the cons...for me I didn't think twice...

Side Effects :
I've been on Acutane for 6 days now & I will say my back is aching terribly & my lips are DRY!

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Amanda Nourse

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