Hairstyle Fridays: Finger Coils

This is an excellent hairstyle for those who chose the high road and just chopped it off. I did this my first time around and boy, it can be an overwhelming time. So creating sassy styles like this, can turn this period into a phase of fabulously. Finger coils can be achieved by doing the following:

Spray water bottle
Soft hold gel
Pomade of choice
Rat-tail comb

1. Start with freshly washed/conditioned hair
2. Take small (tiny) sections of the hair apply gel
3. Apply pomade over the gel (I used beeswax)
4. Roll hair around the finger, making sure you roll all the way to roots
5. Pack coil back into itself, in other words don't let it hang

Repeat these steps until the entire head it complete. Use a spray bottle as needed so that it's wet and easy to manipulate. The key to achieving this polished look is to use tiny sections to prevent gaps.
4 Responses:

This style reminds me of the old Lauren Hill. Cute.

i've tried it before and it is a really nice look for natural hair... or even permed hair (although that would probably require rollers).

This is cute, I wonder if I can do it now that I've trimmed a bit of hair off. It looks like it might have my arms aching a bit, but I'd be willing to try it out. :)

This is where I am now and I was thinking about rockin' finger coils for the week too.

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