How To: Create Silky Straight Blow-outs

Did you know that is was possible to get salon quality blowouts, san's the salon? There's really no magic behind the Dominican Blowout or that high priced blowout from the downtown salons. The key is in the preparation. So here's a few tips to get a salon quality blow-out at home.

Ceramic or Ionic Nozzled Blowdryer
Ceramic flat iron
Round brush
Hair clips

1). Make sure is fully conditioned. Celebrity Stylist Ouidad recommends doing a deep-conditioning treatment prior to the blowout. Also apply a leave-in conditioning spray prior to blow-drying.

2). Section hair into 2-4 larger sections and secure with a clip. Within each large section, part your hair and create smaller sections, securing them out of the way until you are left with sections that are easy to work with and small enough to fit into the brush you are using (about 1" wide). Roll hair loosely around brush upwards towards the roots. Holding that nozzle about 2" away from the hair, slowly move the dryer down from the roots towards the end of the section. Repeat going over the section until it is completely dry and smooth.

3). After completely drying hair, flat iron 1/2" or smaller sections of hair. The smaller the section, the smoother the results. Tip: Use lightweight styling products containing panthenol to add sheen and avoid silicones.

View a blowout in action!
1 Responses:

This model's hair turned out great, but when I've blow dried my hair, I always put the nozzle right next to the brush and my hair, instad of two inches away. Do you think it would still sufficiently straighten my hair if I tried it this way? I also use a flat iron, I just got an FHI. I have 4a textured natural hair, very, very thick, it goes to my collar bone when straightened. Thank you!

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